Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Week Day 3

Uh oh. . .  we have an escapee!  Johann is on the loose! If you like what you see here you can follow Johann @johannthedog on Instagram!

Kurtis is in similar colors but it is not quite the same thing. Follow Kurtis on IG @kurtispug. Spoiler: he's reallllyyyy cute.

And while we're on the stripes theme. . . check out Charlie and Ginger's outfits!

We have Luna again!!!! Oh and by the way, I will be sharing Luna's full story on the blog in the future!

Here is Nina and Seger! I featured Nina's rescue story back in June.

Take a look at Coco. She does not seem very thrilled with her new specs, but we are getting a laugh out of them. 

And finally, check out Mylie of @frenchpugluv on Instagram.  Oh my goodness!  

We will keep sharing all week. It's not to late to get your pictures to me at

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  1. Hey there! Thanks for featuring me on your blog! I'm in such good company :)