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It's time to talk about Gina and Schyler again!  They have a home and a furry household that keeps getting bigger and bigger. 

Previously we've shared their beautiful pooches Moo Latte and Dakota. Today's story, however, is all about Isabella. 

You know by now I'm a believer in Doggie Destiny.  Bella was destined to be with Gina, and moreover, she had a very important role to play in Gina's life. Bella brought Gina back to dogs.

Gina had been without a canine companion for 10 years after she lost Mr. Mojo. One day about 4 years ago, Gina's now ex-boyfriend told her he had a surprise for her. 

This did not appeal to her in any way, as she could sense the relationship was soon to end and wanted no part of any surprise, especially one from him. However she agreed/relented and the next thing she knew they were pulling into the parking lot at the Salt Lake City Humane Society. 

Gina immediately dug in her heels, knowing the last thing their doomed relationship needed was another soul to be involved. However her boyfriend was as obstinate as she was, and she knew he wouldn't give up until she at least went in and looked around.  She was determined to leave there without a dog, and she did, but it wasn't because of her reluctance. 

You see, Gina saw Bella right away. And Bella saw Gina too. Bella was in a big viewing room with a glass wall. 

As Gina surveyed all the hopeful faces in the kennels and that room, she walked up to the window. Bella jumped out from under a bench and ran up to the window. Readers, you see Bella's face. 

You see Bella's eyes. Gina was probably a goner immediately. 

Gina decided to be a tough cookie and walk away. When she walked back a bit later the same thing happened. 

Bella seemed to recognize her and ran to the window. Telling herself it was a coincidence, she decided to hang back and watch how Bella interacted with everyone else. Guess what?  It wasn't a coincidence. Bella had set her sights on Gina.

As you well know, sometimes our destinies, doggie or otherwise, are fraught with obstacles. That was the case with Bella and Gina. As Gina caved and took Bella out to the yard to walk her and get to know her, she was so deeply drawn to her. After 45 minutes she knew Bella was meant to be hers. She and the boyfriend went back in, only to find out another family had just adopted Bella. NOOOOOO.

 Gina was prepared to throw down and trade fisticuffs with any potential adopters until she saw the people had a little girl who threw her arms around Bella and said "My puppy!"   Uh..... so much for challenging them to a fight. BOL. (Bark out loud!)

Gina left extremely disappointed, and she and her boyfriend drove around to a few other shelters, which is how she wound up with Dakota. So obviously the day ended happily, even if Gina's relationship did not.

However, there is still the question of how she wound up with Bella. 

Well, about a week after they met Bella, Gina's boyfriend got a phone call that the family had returned Bella because she was "too hyper and too big."

  Gina says that in that one week Bella had a big gash on her forehead and lost a lot of weight. 

We all hate to think about Bella with the wrong family, but as Gina says, maybe Bella was acting up just so they would return her, and then she could fulfill her Doggie Destiny with Gina!

Gina went and picked up Bella right away, who immediately bonded with Dakota. 

 The two just celebrated their four year Adopt-aversary. They had a party with yummy looking cupcakes!

Bella is Gina's love. She is a big baby who is afraid of the dark and yet she is the mother figure who looks out for everyone in the pack, human and furry.

She sleeps with Gina when Gina is suffering with her terrible migraines and goes to work with Gina, checking in on her at the receptionist desk all day. 

Bella loves car rides, walks, treats, breakfast. . . all that good stuff!

Bella most certainly knew what she was doing when she saw Gina that day. She knew she had a job to do and she took it very seriously. Thanks to Bella, Gina and Schyler have a house full of rescues. Just look at Schyler's senior picture!

 I can tell this young lady is destined for great things! Anyone who has their senior picture taken with their dog is clearly a special and amazing person (ahem ahem).

Be kind people. This picture was taken many lifetimes ago. Yes, that's a flowered fleece sweatshirt. Try not to focus on that. Look at my cute Snickelfritz! Can't wait to see her again someday.

Many thanks to Gina and Schyler (and her brother Derick too) for sharing their pictures and stories, and significantly their home! Oh, and spoiler alert: their stories aren't even done yet. . . there's another dog who just joined the family. Oh boy. 

Do you have a rescue story to share? You can submit it to me at It doesn't have to be too exciting or eventful. It just has to be about you giving a dog (or any other animal) a home when it really needed one. Keep those happy stories coming!

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