Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Photo Share Practice

I wanted to snap a few pictures quickly of Wiley in a "fall-theme," just to expand a bit on what I'm looking for when we get to that Photo Share. I sat him down with this adorable pilgrim owl. I honestly don't know why I didn't see this coming. 

I think it was just a haze of exhaustion. Or maybe it was because I had just come from the dentist and was delirious with anxiety and a sore mouth. Anyway, I was too tired to walk downstairs and find a treat to bribe him for the owl, so I just embraced the silliness.

Wiley-1. Mom-0. Right after I took this picture he heard the back gate open and he knew Daddy was home, so he took off, owl still in his mouth, and that's how he greeted Hubs at the door, minus the pumpkin bucket.

Oh yeah. . . funny story about the pumpkin. I tried to put Jenny in it. As in, I picked her up and tried to put her, feet first, into the pumpkin. It did not work, but it did result in her giving me this look:

I'm no cat whisperer but I interpret this as her way of saying "Stick me in the pumpkin again, human, and see what happens when you fall asleep tonight."

What do you think? 

We've received some submissions for our Dynamic Duos share.  The only thing cuter than one pet in a picture is two pets in a picture! Of course, during our practice shoot I tried to get Wiley and Jenny to pose. I now realize the difficulty of that endeavor. haha. We'll have to keep practicing.

We are ready for your Halloween pictures anytime, of course, and with the leaves starting to change color in the cooler climates I anticipate all kinds of good pictures for the Fall themed share. If your leaves don't change then just make your rescue dog pose with a live turkey or something. ;-) I'm kidding! Make them stand in front of some Mums.

Email me your pictures of
  • dynamic duos
  • Halloween 
  • a Fall theme
 (and your rescue stories of course) at

Here's a little background on the rules of the Photo Share and other ways for you to submit your pics!

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