Thursday, October 31, 2013


****Ok, I have big cool Wiley news at the bottom of this post, but take your time and enjoy the whole page first.

Well? What do you think?  Go ahead. Take a minute to absorb it all. 


The regal stature. 

The powerful demeanor.

 Admit it- you're seeing my pets in a whole new light.  A whole new SUPERCUTE**** light.  Readers. . . I know there are lots of cute sibling pet costume combos out there. 

 How many are both cute and a sophisticated nod to millenia of history and mythology?

 Ok ok I'll calm down and stop tooting my own horn. Seriously though I have been working on this for weeks. I told my students to look for the pictures on the blog in a few days because I was so excited about them, and one young man said I should call Jenny "Catopatra."  I said I was leaning towards "Cleocatra," but thanks, Billy, for the suggestion.

Jenny does NOT take kindly to anything put on her head, so getting the head shots of her were exhausting. I knew getting the two animals together, while in costume, would be impossible. 

 I did manage to bribe Jenny to get closer to Wiley by putting a few pieces of food near him. Turns out she'll  brave quite a bit when food's being offered.

But check out how far away she gets each time, between bribes. When I saw her literally lean as far away from him as possible, as pictured in a few shots below, I could not stop laughing. 

She's also sticking her tongue out in the top left picture. She's probably licking her lips but it's more fun to think she's expressing herself.

You can tell by Wiley's face that she's staring him right into submission. haha

While I was snapping shots, I told Wiley he had to pose like the Sphinx. He said "Like this mom?"

I told him he had to play it a little more cool.


Thanks for stopping by to check on my beautiful Isis and Osiris. And thanks to the Egyptians for being so devoted to domesticated animals, most famously cats but dogs mattered to them too. 

Strange to think how long these creatures have been so closely intertwined with us.  Happy Halloween everyone, and don't forget to get lots of pictures of your pets in costume, or somehow enjoying Halloween. Send them to me at and be sure to scroll down to see my big cool Wiley news!

****Ok, so here's the big news. I have featured Buzzfeed Animals a number of times on this blog. Their posts are always entertaining and the pictures that go with them are sublime. 

Well. . .  WILEY HAS BEEN SELECTED FOR THEIR "CUTE OR NOT" page!!!!!!!!!! This is literally something I have hoped for since I started the blog back in December. Will you please, pretty please, go to this link: and vote for this picture of Wiley?

I'm not too confident that we can beat pictures of adorable baby bunnies and snuggly puppies but I am excited just to see our boy on a page I frequent so regularly.  Thank you so much!


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