Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lilly aka Lilligans

Lauren calls herself a crazy dog lady for a reason. We've already had her furkids on the blog here, both for feature stories and photo shares. 

We've had Marco and Caesar, and our Caesar story prompted a fan to recognize the litter of puppies and share her story of Kane, who was Caesar's littermate and came from the same shelter. 

However, today's dog is Lilly, or as Lauren likes to call her sometimes, Lilligans.

Lauren had her hands full with four dogs when someone tagged her in the picture below and asked her to share it on Facebook to help find a furever home for Lilly.

Lilly, an English Mastiff, was surrendered to the local humane society. 

However, they are not supposed to take "bully breeds" (do not get me started) so Lilly was being fostered by one of their board members. 

Lauren sent the picture to her husband David, who had always wanted a mastiff because he had one as a child. She expected to get some sense talked into her, a gentle reminder than they already had four dogs or some logical thing like that.

But David is the perfect husband, because he simply said "When are we getting her?"

Lilly's past is obscure. Lauren knows the people who had her originally got her without any real understanding of what it takes to take care of a mastiff.

 She also knows she had a choker chain that had to be cut off her neck with bolt cutters.

 She was neglected and underfed, unvetted, and unloved. She has scars all over her face from something, Lauren doesn't know what.

However, on May 4, 2013, David and Caesar went to pick up Lilly and introduce her to her new life, filled with love and attention and steak scraps she splits with her brothers. Lauren developed a friendship with Lilly's foster mom too, so everybody really came out a winner in this story.

Lilly is muscular now and strong, weighing 120lbs at last measure. She has insinuated herself right into Lauren's bed, kicking the other dogs out. 

Speaking of kicking, when she runs in her sleep Lauren and David wake up with bruised ribs. 

The pizza delivery guy has seen first-hand how intimidating Lilly can be when she is feeling protective, yet Lauren says she is a big love-bug who is about "as mean as a butterfly," and she loves drooling, eating, and playing. 

 She does not love men in ballcaps, but given her past who knows why that may be?

Lauren the "crazy dog lady" is keeping the Rescue Dog Blog in business! In return she gets drool, hair, bruised ribs, and love, cuddling, and puppy dog eyes. Lauren, there are all kinds of crazy people in this world. Being a crazy dog lady sounds about the best way to be crazy!

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