Tuesday, July 2, 2013


So, remember this box of puppies I showed you on Thursday?

Well it turns out there's another recognizable pup in there. Meet Kane!

 When we ran Caesar's story on Thursday, someone recognized him and his origins. Rashell posted a picture on our Rescue Dog Blog Facebook page of "Caesar's adorable brother Kane," and I said "TELL US MORE!"

Rashell wasn't actively looking for a new addition, but they had lost their beloved Cocker Spaniel mix in October which left their 10 year old Golden Retriever, Chance, very depressed.  When she saw the box of puppies on the shelter's web page, she and her husband discussed if this might be the cure for Chance's depression.

Kane was a very vocal pup, garnering lots of attention with his puppy barks.

They brought him home and surprised her two daughters when they got off the school bus that day, and it was love at first sight. Kane was goofy and high strung and fit right in.

Unfortunately Chance never really took to Kane, and the void in Chance's heart just couldn't be filled. He went to the Rainbow Bridge in August of 2012, and Rashell felt his loss painfully, as we all would.  

Kane stood by her though, lifting her spirits through his love and his silliness. Here he is trying to steal some chicken nuggets.

And this is what he'll do to a jar of cheese dip!

How fortuitous that Rashell recognized Caesar and wanted to share Kane's story.  How fortunate for both of them that Kane wound up in her house and found his furever family! Now we know two happy tails that started with a box of rescue puppies. I like where this is going! 

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