Saturday, July 20, 2013

What did you miss? 7/15/13 -7/19/13

While I was away for a few days I asked Wiley to take over the writing duties on the Rescue Dog Blog.  Rather predictably he completely shirked his duties, so I had to get everyone all caught up on Wednesday when I shared pictures of some cute dogs we ran into on our trip and made Wiley show off his souvenir.  Thursday I took the blog back to its traditional format of a great rescue story. Athena is a survivor, and now she helps Alexa do the same.  Then we ended the week with our Feel-Good Friday post about Shaka the police dog. I'm always inspired when I hear about police departments with an open mind about breeds. 

This week I have to go away to a conference for a few days, but I am hoping to introduce our newest photo share this Wednesday. We also need stories so keep them coming please! Email me at

  Twitter: @RescueDogBlog
  Instagram: @rescuedogblog

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