Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Photo Share, Day Five: Oral Fixation

 Photo Share time! Today we are winding down with our Oral Fixation Photo Share, and that means we will be revealing the next big idea next week!

Let's start with this adorable situation. Moose is the pet in this picture with something in her mouth, and of course that something is Rosco's tail. God Bless Rosco and his patience!

 At least he gets to have his fun too.

Kayla's mom shared this picture of Duke and his dumbbell.

 Riley is in Heaven!

 Nala is Meredith's dog and Riley's cousin.

As you can see- Nala had so much fun with her ball she destroyed it!

So Nala's dad Leroy decided to get in on the fun.

 Finally, let me share one of my favorite Wiley mouth pictures. I walked in the door one day to find this. 

He stole the tupperware container off the counter.  I guess he just wanted me to know his ball was still a priority too. Oh Wiley. What am I supposed to do with this face?

If I missed any of your pictures please don't hesitate to let me know and I will make amends. Email me at

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