Friday, July 12, 2013

Feel-Good Friday: Celebrity Endorsements

Well, it's Feel-Good Friday and I feel good. Know why?  The hubs and I are going away for the weekend with some friends. Wiley should be well cared-for and we will have some fun. Then on Monday I'm driving to visit my life-long best friend so we can go see The Monkees in concert. Yeah, that's right, The Monkees. The last time we went Carrie got called onstage to sing "Daydream Believer" with them in honor of the recently deceased Davy Jones. We are such fan-girls, and I regret nothing!  

Mickey Dolenz, me, Davy Jones, Carrie, Peter Tork, June 2011

However, the days away might mean I can't update the blog every day. I'm going to do what I can but I may miss a day or two until I get back next Tuesday.

So, your quick Feel-Good story for the day is related to our Feel-Good story from two weeks ago. That's when we talked about Henry Cavill, currently famous for being the Man of Steel, and how he used to walk a rescue dog before he made it really big.  Well I'm not trying to be E! News here or anything but rumor has it he was dating Kaley Cuoco, currently known as Penny on The Big Bang Theory

Are they really a couple? Well it's not really our business but they must share a love of dogs, because Kaley has three rescued pit bulls right now!

Kaley is a very vocal rescue supporter. She rescued her first dog at age 16 and has been going strong ever since. She has also managed to convert her family into rescuers as well. 

This week Kaley was on The Ellen Degeneres Show in a repeat from January, and she shared a really cute video of her pit bull. I don't want to spoil the surprise but click the picture below to see for yourself. 

 Try as we might to raise awareness of rescue pets on a daily basis, when big celebrities speak out about their amazing rescue experiences they do more for the cause in a three-minute interview with Ellen than we may ever like to admit.  It warms my heart to see someone in Kaley's position rave about her pit bulls. Much love to her, even if I am super jealous. 

Have you shared your rescue story with me yet?  I'm not as famous as Kaley but I'd love to give your dog 15 minutes of fame! Email me at

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