Friday, June 28, 2013

Feel-Good Friday: Man of Steel, Heart of Gold

Have you ever had a total stranger fuss over your dog? Have you ever fussed over a total stranger's dog?  If you're a dog person I already know the answer is yes. Dogs open channels of communication faster than almost anything or anyone else.

For example, I don't love to talk to new people. It's not in my comfort zone. But I cannot resist inquiring if their dog is friendly and if so, petting him/her with reckless abandon.  The same thing goes for Wiley. People see this sweet fluffy doe-eyed animal and they can't stay away. 

It's sometimes even nerve-wracking because of his anxiety; I always worry he'll be overwhelmed.

Now, I want you to imagine that just one of those people who like your dog, just one of them who says hi each day on your walk or asks to pet him on a regular basis suddenly dropped off the radar, and the next time you saw this person he was SUPERMAN.

Giana Mucci shares her unbelievable story in an article on Yahoo this week. She had a rescued Malamute named Buddy that she used to walk in West Hollywood back in 2005.
Photo taken by Giana Mucci. Click here to link to original.
 As time went by, the host of a new restaurant took a real liking to Buddy. This host was very attractive (like most men in Hollywood) and told Giana he was an actor (like most men in Hollywood). 

He also offered to walk Buddy sometime if she ever needed someone. Giana actually took him up on it a few times. 

As time went by, she called her handsome and kind dogwalker named Henry to see if he was available, but this time he didn't return her call for awhile, which she found unusual.  When he finally did call her back, it was to apologize to her for not getting back to her sooner and to let her know he had been out of the country to audition for the role of JAMES BOND.  Uh, what!?!

Well, Henry Cavill lost out on that role, but he did go on to secure many more, including his most recent one as Superman in Man of Steel.  And he remembered Giana and Buddy when she talked to him at a press event a few years later too. He made a point of asking about Buddy.

Henry and Giana (Photo: Courtesy of Dan MacMedan)

Sigh.  Just when I thought I couldn't love him more, a dog story comes out about him. And that story is your Feel-Good Friday post. What do you think? Will your pet ever be the reason you wind up rubbing elbows with the rich and famous? Well you can start your journey to fame right here on the blog. Share your rescue story! Share your pictures for the Oral Fixation Photo Share! Email me at

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