Thursday, June 13, 2013


I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this before but I LOVE AUSSIES.  Hmmm. Maybe I have shared that with you a time or two. Well today we have a beautiful Red Merle Aussie mix. Her name is Nina. 

 Nina has a brother named Seger, and if you follow his Instagram account @segertheaussie you will get to see lots of beautiful pictures of both of these hot shots.

Nina came to her mother Tea via the Aussie rescue group in Michigan, Aussie Rescue & Placement Helpline, or ARPH. You can read about ARPH by clicking here. The rescue organization had pulled Nina, a litter mate, and an adult Aussie out of a shelter where they had been brought in as strays.

Tea and her family had been looking at the dogs available through ARPH and when they saw Nina they knew they wanted her to join their family. They needed to get a home inspection and then Nina was theirs!  Now Tea and her family foster dogs for ARPH.  I've said it before and I'll say it again: PLEASE don't feel like your only option is a breeder if you are looking for a certain breed. That absolutely is not the case.  A little patience and a lot of legwork can help you find the perfect rescue dog for your family without comprising anything.


Funny fact about Nina: she hates going outside when it rains and does her best to avoid getting her paws wet, yet she seems to enjoy herself in these pools and fountains!

Nina is also very much a lady. She loves wearing bandanas, and just look at her regal pose on the bed.

Although Nina enjoys lounging around, she also likes playing with other dogs and going for shorts walks.  

Like many other pups, Nina is afraid of fireworks. Here she is hiding from them in the bathroom. Poor Nina. : (

Nina likes treats and toys. . . what dog doesn't?  She and Seger look like they should be in an advertisement for these treats, below.

Her favorite treats are Busy Bones and Greenies, and her favorite toy is her stuffed Milkbone and her lamb.  

I am in love with this little beauty.  Can you imagine that someone did not want her?  Sometimes people think that all rescue dogs have something wrong with them because they are other people's cast-offs but the truth is sometimes people are just awful. They are willing to get rid of a perfectly good animal because it doesn't fit into their lifestyle. These animals are out there waiting for us! Look at how beautifully Nina fits into Tea's life:

Adopt, don't shop!  Send me your rescue story at and I will share it with the world here on the Rescue Dog Blog.

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