Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday's Grab-bag: A Minnie Rescue Story

Well, Wiley and I keep saying we will share any kind of rescue story on the Rescue Dog Blog so here it is: a mouse. Yes. A mouse. 

This mouse, named Tallulah, was orphaned in a closet in Virginia when Meghan's boyfriend Carl first heard about her on Facebook. He told Meghan that his friend had found a motherless mouse, and Meghan, mother and older sister to rats, hermit crabs, turtles, a toad, and a dog, immediately said to Carl, "I want it." 

So Carl, Boyfriend of the Year, picked up this mouse from his friend, hand-fed it for two days, then drove three hours to Pennsylvania to give it to Meghan to take care of, even though the original finder of Tallulah wants her back when she's healthy enough to withstand the trip. Wow. I'm just thinking of my mother's paralyzing fear of mice and her reaction to this story so far. haha.

Anyway, Meghan says she has never felt so invested in the care of another living thing as she does with this mouse. She hand feeds her every two to three hours, around the clock. She knows Tallulah's survival depends on her and she takes that to heart. Meghan says, "You don't have to do something huge and flamboyant to make a difference in the world.  By saving my little Loulou Belle, I've reversed some kind of cosmic plan for her to not make it."

Tallulah is currently about the size of a cotton ball and seems to weigh about the same. She jumps around in Meghan's hands until it's feeding time. Then she winds up lying on her back drinking from the syringe, eventually rolling around but never letting go of the food. 

Meghan's approach to caring for Tallulah certainly represents the best aspects of Karma. What Meghan is putting out into the universe should be returned to her in kind, and yet we know that's not why she's doing this at all. She's doing this because she saw a creature who needed help, and she knew she could meet that need.  That's what in the heart of people who rescue, and the creatures we rescue know that, and return every little bit of kindness they have been shown.

Thanks to Meghan for sharing her story, and for reaching out to those critters who are often over-looked in the rescue community.  

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