Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Photo Share, Day One: Oral Fixation

Today we start our Photo Share: Oral Fixation. For an explanation of what Wiley and I are looking for, click here.  However, I can sum it up like this: send me pictures of your pets with stuff in their mouths. 

First we have Lizzie. Look into her eyes. Look deeply into her eyes.  Now buy her more bones and send them to her. 

Next we have Duke. Ever since Duke has hit puberty he has been asking him mom Kayla if he can start to shave.

Do you remember Lily? We featured her months ago. Here she is eating her bedding instead of her veggies. 

Ok. It's time to talk about addiction. We can start with Wiley. Wiley has managed to get ahold of his dad's bad habit not once, but twice.  Now before you go and yell at me for taking a picture of him instead of getting the can away from him, the cans were empty in these pictures. I know nicotine is very dangerous and I can assure you I would never put Wiley in danger. But seriously, this is the face of addiction.

So Wiley has his issues. At least he doesn't have the same problem Abby and Nala have. They define an oral fixation. Here's Abby enjoying a delicious sampling of . . . her paw.

Well Nala isn't too proud to admit that she finds her own leg delicious from time to time.

But Abby. . . Abby you have a problem!  You need help!  I'm not even going to make the obvious "foot in her mouth" joke.  Abby's going on a paw binge here. It's time for an intervention!

So, have you sent any pictures in?  If the answer is no, are you telling me your pets don't put anything in their mouths?  Because I doubt that!  So what are you waiting for?  Email me at

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