Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Photo Share: Oral Fixation

It's time to kick off a new Photo Share. Many of you know what those are, but if you need an explanation here it is: WE WANT TO SHARE YOUR PICTURES.  That's all. We want to create opportunities for you to share pictures on the blog of your pets, no background story needed or desired. You don't have to tell us if they are rescued or otherwise. They don't even have to be dogs. All we need is a picture and a name.

To that end, the next topic is:  What's in your pets' mouths? Wiley has an oral fixation. But even more than that, he likes to steal things when he doesn't think he's getting enough attention. For example, this is literally what I'm looking at as I type this:

I know you probably don't believe me. You probably think I'm taking some artistic license with my story-telling. All I can say is you need to take my word for it. 

The pictures below were taken over the course of one evening, an evening during the past winter when he obviously felt he was being ignored.  

I apologize that the photos are kind of dark. 

We don't get any light in our house during the winter. We hibernate in a cave. Ok so I am taking a little artistic license with that last statement.

So, what are some of the things that wind up in your pets' mouths?  Don't think it has to be ginger ale and peanuts.

 I'm looking for toys and bones and lettuce and carrots and sticks and stones. 

Email me at and take advantage of this chance to share your pet with everyone! You can also contact me via Facebook or Instagram, just click here.

As always, we welcome your rescue stories as well.

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