Monday, May 20, 2013

Pit Bull Strong

We have a very special dog to share today. Now, I think every dog is special, so I  don't want anyone to feel slighted. But Mac has been through an awful lot, and it never gets him down. His mom says he is "Pit Bull strong,"  and that must be how he manages.

Mac was being sold on a street corner when his mom saved him, and he and his siblings were definitely intended for dog fighting. 

In fact, since Mac was only 4lbs at 3 months old, in all likelihood if he survived he would have simply been a bait dog. He was covered in mange and malnourished, but his mom was determined to change that.

The original plan was to nurse Mac to health as a foster pup then find him a furever home, but his mom soon realized this dog was connected to her at a cellular level, and Mac never left. 

Poor Mac has genetic defects in both of his back legs and already has hip dysplasia since he was bred for fighting. 

 After multiple surgeries on the same knee he developed a terrible infection and a more invasive surgery had to be postponed.

Mac's medical bills are very costly, but he and his mom raised all the money for them by hand-making screen-print shirts. 

In fact, once they raised the money for his surgery, they realized they could keep on selling the tshirts and other awesome merchandise to help other dogs!

Mac has raised $2400 just this year alone!  The money is used to help other pit bulls like Mac who need a little extra help to find a furever home.


 His mom helps transport, foster, and nurse many different dogs from their local shelter and all over the country, thanks to the connections she has made on her facebook page. Her latest foster is Zayda, a mini Mac.

Mac also goes with his mom when she volunteers at the shelter, providing his calming presence to the dogs who need it.

Although no matter how hard he tries he cannot stay awake in the car!

 I have not even begun to show you what Mac is all about.  Please check out the rest of his story!  His mom updates his followers constantly so be prepared to see an abundance of adorable dog pictures and hear an abundance of optimism, because that's what Mac and his mom deliver. Here he is playing with his sister.

His story and his mom's unwavering devotion to changing the world to make it a safe place for all dogs is so worth your time. Plus there's this:

  To find out more about Mac, you can start right here at his web page:
This site links to all his accounts, like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Here's a direct link if you're on Facebook: definitely make sure you like Mac's page.

Whatever you do, make sure you check out her Etsy shop. That's where you can purchase not only Mac's tshirts but also lots of other great stuff, like this:

Wiley and I are so grateful and encouraged by Mac and his mom and all they are doing for our canine pals.  We hope she continues to keep us posted on Mac. Wiley and I are saying a prayer for Mac's upcoming knee surgery and his overall health in general.

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  1. I am a friend of Mac's on facebook. He and his mommy are the greatest! They do so much for so many people! They are angels!

  2. Pitbull puppies make excellent rescue animals as well. I have had sooo many pitbulls in my day, and wouldn't want any other type of animal.