Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday's Grab-bag: FOTB: Friends of the Blog

This week a number of my friends on Facebook shared some particularly adorable pictures of their pets which also happen to be rescue dogs.  I shared them on the Rescue Dog Blog's Facebook page, but I wanted to share them here too.

This is Lizzie. She's appeared in a few of our Photo Shares and her mom, Amy, keeps assuring me she is going to send Lizzie's full rescue story in soon.  Hmmm. She had better!  Lizzie is too cute not to share. Anyway, Amy broke her ankle a few weeks ago, which has put quite the damper on the active lifestyle she and Amy were used to.

Amy's sister, Sue, was nice enough to come visit Amy and take Lizzie for a walk, and this is the thanks she got!

Lizzie decided she would rather sunbathe. This dog seems like she's full of personality!

Speaking of personality, we have shared Rosco a few times on the blog. A few months ago Rosco found out his family was going to grow, and this week Katie and Matt and Rosco all got more specific details.


Katie and Rosco and Amy and Lizzie are all FOTB (Friends of the Blog) and we thank them for reading it faithfully.  If you're the praying type feel free to pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy for Katie and a speedy recovery for Amy.

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