Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Great Outdoors Photo Share: Day Seven

When we extended the Great Outdoors Photo Share we never anticipated we would get so many great pictures! Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures of their pets enjoying the outside world, and keep those pictures coming. 

Today I have two more Waldo pictures, and then I will calm down with the snow pictures I promise.  This bottom picture is just too funny though. He found the last tiny little bit of remaining snow and enjoyed every little bit of it.

Speaking of finding a cool spot, look where Ilsa wound up when she was visiting the farm and was played out.

And when she and Jaroo sought shady relief, poor Brownie, who is an older rescue dog who lives on the farm, tried to pretend she still had the spot all to herself.  Can you spot Brownie all the way over on the left?

Here Coco and Candy chase each other in a shady spot.

Freckles found a shady spot too, and look at his view!

Well we started with snow and finished on the beach. Do you have any good beach pictures of your pets?  What about any where they're all curled up in a shady spot?  Email me at and I'll share your pictures right here! Also, I'm starting to think of new ideas for our next photo share. What are your thoughts?  What is a good way to include many of our readers' pet pictures?

Please spread the word:  we are running low on stories. If you have been thinking about sharing with us now is a great time!  Thanks. 

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