Friday, May 3, 2013

Feel-Good Friday: Coco

We are having a quickie for Feel-Good Friday. Interpret that how you will, but all I'm trying to do is tell you a happy little story about Coco.

Many of you will remember the terrible and deadly tornado outbreak that devastated Alabama in April of 2011.  Like so many natural disasters, many pets were displaced during this tragedy.  A Facebook group was set-up to help reunite owners with these poor lost pets.

A few days ago I saw a picture pop up in my Facebook newsfeed from a friend who works at the Hillside SPCA.  Hillside puts a tag on all their adopted pets identifying them with a serial number and Hillside's phone number. The adopters must sign a contract promising to keep that tag on their pet at all times. 

This friend had posted Coco on her Facebook timeline, asking her friends if anyone knew Coco's owner.  It turns out that Coco was found just a few days ago by the Cherokee County Humane Society, who contacted Hillside when they saw her tag. Hillside looked her up and found her owner's name and phone number, but when they called the number it was disconnected.  Someone from the shelter remembered he was a trucker who drove a Pennsylvania-Alabama route.

Oh man.  All that hard work and record keeping and poor Coco was still without a family?


People reached out. People posted on message boards online specifically for truck drivers, trying to contact Coco's adopter.  A worker from the shelter, Tricia, drove past the address they had for him here in Pennsylvania to see if anyone was home.  

People. . . .this is Feel-Good Friday!  Of course it has a happy ending. Coco lived with a friend of the trucker's in Alabama, and she has been reunited with her owner!  I don't know all the details, but I do know there were a lot of people trying to help Coco get home, and she did, and that's one less lonely and stray dog. Hooray for Hillside SPCA tags!

Here's a lovely little thought to help you enjoy your weekend:

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