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Hi there! This is Freckles. Freckles is a part of Sylvia's family, which includes Coco and Candy.  Sylvia and her husband were perfectly happy with their foursome, but Freckles was destined for their household too.

In 2007, an elderly woman rescued Freckles from a puppy mill as a gift for her ailing husband Jimmy.  Jimmy was a friend and client of Sylvia's and her husband, and he had just lost his 17 year old Cocker Spaniel, Bella. 


 His wife thought Freckles might lift his spirits, but unfortunately Jimmy passed away before Freckles could be of any real help or comfort.

In fact Freckles, at six months old, actually became a bit of a problem, as his owner was too busy to deal with him and he was left to his own devices to wander the home and the yard. He became protective of the house and barked at Sylvia's husband whenever he was there. Of course, eventually they certainly put aside their differences, as you can see below.

Freckles's owner asked Sylvia and her husband if they could dogsit Freckles for a little while so she could tend to funeral arrangements and deal with everything.  

Coco and Candy wanted NO PART of a new puppy in the house, until Candy realized Freckles had come with TOYS! 

Eventually Coco relented as well, although she took on the motherly role, putting Freckles in his place (which she still does), and always being the boss, second in command only to Sylvia and her husband.

Time went by and the pack settled in; by the time Freckles's original owner approached Sylvia and her husband and asked them to keep him they had already made a place for them in their home and hearts.

Freckles took to Sylvia right away, and would even jump the fence to chase after her when she left for work. 

He is also Sylvia's therapy dog. He is especially perceptive to her depression and anxiety. He actually sleeps right around her head.  This way he can wake her when she is having an anxiety attack in her sleep.

He is always by her side, and when she is too depressed to get out of bed he brings her husband to her side. And apparently he's always sticking his tongue out!

Freckles, you are precious.  You have helped Sylvia more than you will ever know, and she freely acknowledges, as most rescue pet owners do, that the dog rescues the owner just as much or more than the other way around.

Thank you Sylvia, for sharing Freckles's story.  Readers, I have so many cute pictures of Freckles and his sisters that I can't even fit them all here. I will save them for a bonus post. Woohoo!

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