Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Our Friends in the Storms' Paths

My heart is breaking today for the people who have been devastated by these tornadoes the past few days.  I had a really lovely dog story ready to share about Meko, but I'm going to save it for tomorrow. Today I want to share a few beautiful things to give us hope. 

UPDATED (4:15PM):  Check out this Buzzfeed article about pet survival stories.

First of all, the dog we featured yesterday, Mac, and his mom and siblings, were in the path of this storm. I was so relieved to see this status on his Facebook page a few hours ago:

I was worried sick. Every time I woke up during the night I checked my phone to see if Mac's mom had updated us yet.  What an answer to prayer that Mac passed the night safely in the basement on his bean bag.

I also wanted to share this post from Facebook:

I have shared these dogs before in regards to their work at Sandy Hook and Boston. I think we all know what the healing power of a dog can do and I encourage you to consider funding this project if you can spare a few dollars. 

As the next few days go by there will likely be many ways to give and help. As always, remember to be careful that you are contributing to a legitimate organization. The Red Cross always accepts donations, but you may want to consider also giving to rescue organizations who are trying to take care of the displaced pets. I don't know of any now but if they come to my attention in the next few days and someone can confirm they are reputable I will gladly pass them along.

Last night I came across this tweet while reading about the storms: 

And finally, I saw this video this morning, and I cried my eyes out.  Don't worry, it has as happy of an ending as it can, all things considered. Click on the picture.

We are sending thoughts, prayers, love, fairy dust, and anything else positive Wiley and I have to all the people and pets affected by these storms. As the next few days go by if you hear of ways to help please share them with the blog. Email me at pabibliophile@gmail.com.

I hope this post is coherent. I don't do my best research and writing at 5:45 am but I couldn't just proceed with the post I had planned today without acknowledging these tragedies. Thanks for all the love I know you are sending our friends. Finally, I leave you with a picture I shared yesterday from Mac's Etsy shop:

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UPDATED:  Check out this Buzzfeed article about pet survival stories.

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