Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mud Puppy

 This is Roxy. I met her on Instagram.  The first thing you need to know about Roxy is she is a looker. 

The next thing you need to know is she is a red merle Australian Shepherd, and Aussies LOVE to get dirty.

 No, seriously.  They enjoy filth and dirt.

 They love being outside. It's literally what they're bred for.

And snow is not the slightest bit daunting to these dogs. In fact it's probably their favorite thing, since they were also bred to withstand Colorado winters.

 Their coats even have their own defense mechanism.

 Here's Roxy using the dirtiest available snow to cool off. Her mom points out the funny butt in the air pose she assumed.  Roxy is a tease.

Speaking of Aussie butts, look how dirty hers is here!
If you decide to follow Roxy on Instagram, and I HIGHLY recommend it, you'll get to see awesome shots like this.

Roxy's Instagram is updated constantly with so many pictures I could not even begin to do her justice, but I decided to focus on the messy ones.  They offer something different  for our Great Outdoors Photo Share, so feel free to share pictures of your pets if they have just finished having too much messy fun. 

 I am constantly wiping Wiley's muddy feet off. Aussies are mud puppies. Make no mistake about that!

Many thanks to Roxy's mom for letting us share Roxy today. Try to check out Roxy's Instagram @missroxymix so you can see how she looks when she's clean.  I hope her mom will keep those pictures coming-readers don't forget to share your pictures and stories too! Email me at

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