Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday's Grab-bag

This is our look of apology. Yesterday we sat through 22 innings of baseball. Kutztown usually plays a double-header on Saturday conference games, and each game is 7 innings. The first game went into extra innings and didn't end until the 14th inning. The second game also went into an 8th inning. And guess what? We lost both.     grrrr.   arrrrggghhh.   ugh.    

Anyway, I just did not have time to put anything together for today's blog. Sorry! I highly recommend reading Thursday's post if you haven't yet. It's upbeat and positive and has lots of cute pictures of Wiley. Click on the photo below to get to the story.

 Tomorrow I promise a new story.  Thanks for your patience. Keep your rescue stories coming too!  Email me at

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