Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mom of the Year. . . Cadbury?

Today is a day to recognize the contributions mothers make to our world. We all know mothers, and we have all seen mothering done right. Maybe it is our own mom, or maybe it is an example like sweet Cadbury here, the Mom of the Year according to the Washington Humane Society.

Cadbury was a stray roaming the streets with two puppies when she was brought into the shelter.  Sadly, it is not unusual for strays to be mothers.  However, as you can see in the pictures, Cadbury is likely quite a mixed breed, including terrier. The puppies, on the other hand, were BOXERs.  Huh?

As it turns out, Cadbury was also expecting her own litter, which she gave birth to the next day.  No one knows how Cadbury found these boxer puppies, but it is assumed her mothering instinct and her pregnancy caused her to lactate when she found the boxers, and continue to care for them right up until the point they could join their adopted siblings.

How about that.  Are any of us really surprised?  This dog had more instinct than some humans do to reach out and provide whatever care she could to babies who needed her. That makes her a perfect mom to all of those puppies, even the ones who kind of stood out. 

You can read more about Cadbury's story here. In the meantime, let's appreciate all the mothers we've known who have made sacrifices and accepted responsibility for us, sometimes going well above and beyond any familial or societal obligation.  

Happy Mother's Day to my friends who have been given the miracle of children. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms in my family, Linda, Sandy, Suzy, and Adrienne. And Happy Mother's Day to all the moms with furkids, because I know you're going above and beyond. 

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