Thursday, May 23, 2013

Meet Meko!

It's time for you to meet Meko. Brace yourself: she is a handful!  She is Akira's sister, so she is another big lovable dog from the land Down Under. When Jenna first met Meko, this is what she saw:

At four months old, this Akita/Malamute mix was not on the highly adoptable list. All of Jenna's friends and even the people at the RSPCA, the pound in Australia where Jenna found her, were hesitant to send Meko and her siblings home with anyone.

 Akitas are famously protective and Malamutes are famously headstrong (remember Dio?), so people assumed these puppies would be vicious and untrainable. 

When the RSPCA workers saw Akira and how well-trained she was, they let Jenna take Meko home, even though they knew she'd be a lot of work.  And so the fun began! Just look at what a brief grooming produces.

Meko enjoys chewing wood, and Jenna says she turned her mom's rectangle coffee table into an oval-shaped one. Here she is hiding her shame.

 She is also famously good at stealing. 

And being where she shouldn't be.

In the picture below, she had gotten herself into this predicament.

Luckily she isn't a runner, like Malamutes have the tendency to be. Instead she exhibits the Akita guard dog quality. She is very protective. She sleeps across the door to the bedroom every night.


  Jenna says she only escaped once, at which time she ran to the fence and patrolled the gate area. The neighbors tried to catch her and she wouldn't let them anywhere near the house.

Even though she has a naughty streak, Jenna loves Meko to death and can't imagine not having taken a chance on this special dog.

I think Meko knows just how good she has it. 

She knows who keeps the toys coming.

She knows who takes her to the beach.

She knows that she belongs with Jenna and Akira, and sometimes she is even sorry for some of her naughtiness.

Jenna has done a great job with Meko and Akira. I am just falling in love with these big lovable oafs. Jenna has so many good pictures of them together that I decided to save them for another post, so we can enjoy a whole other day of them! Yay me!  

And many thanks to Jenna too, for sharing her pictures and stories and home! You can follow her on Instagram @jennatennant.

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