Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Great Outdoors Photo Share: Day Six

This is what pure joy looks like. Marzi really loves her tennis balls.

Hey readers!  As some of you may know, we have been doing a Photo Share of pets in the Great Outdoors. This is a way for readers to share their pets even if they aren't rescues. 

Brave Kami is getting ready to ride.

 This particular Photo Share has been going on for quite some time because people keep sending in great pictures. Well as long as you keep them coming I will share them. 

Charlie seems to be confused about how to use this.

Here are some favorites of this week, and we definitely have just enough for one more week. If you send in more, we'll extend it another week!

Coco makes her way around the yard.

Ilsa is taking a rest from playing on the family's farm.

It looks like Ilsa recovered faster from her rest than Jaroo did.

What pictures do you have to share?  Please snap some memories of your pets outside and share them with us! Email me at

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