Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Great Outdoors Photo Share: Day Eight

Our Great Outdoors Photo Share is coming to a close. I have some ideas for the next Photo Share but I am still taking suggestions. Remember Photo Shares are a way for all pet lovers to share their pets. We don't care if they are turtles, ducks, or dogs. We'll even share your pet if it's not a rescue, because we know you love them like they are family. So far we have done a Christmas Photo Share, a Sleeping Pet Photo Share, a Spoiled Pet Photo Share, and Animals Behaving Badly Photo Share. What do you think? What can we do to encourage reader contribution? Share your thoughts with me at or via Facebook.

Anyway, let's finish with this Photo Share because I still have some great pictures to pass along. This is Kayla and Duke enjoying some frisbee.

This is Jake. Will you take a look at those eyes?  What a pretty boy.

I know I have shared Rosco a number of times, but he is so darn photogenic and comical I just cannot stop. These two pictures are of his first trip to the beach. 


They were at Assateague National Park.  Matt had to carry Rosco because there were hateful little spikey things that hurt Rosco's paws. 

Ilsa and Jaroo are competing for the frisbee/throw toy.   I wish Wiley liked frisbees. I threw one once for him. It literally bounced off his head and he just looked annoyed. I threw it again and he didn't even look in the direction I threw it. lol

Here we have Masen, Wiley's twin I shared a few weeks ago. Masen is looking fresh in his summer haircut. Wow, that's a good-looking dog. ;-)

Finally, I wanted to share a picture of this bear cub that sneaked into our yard this weekend while my husband was trimming trees. Do you see him approaching there on the left?

Oh Wiley. Or as my elderly neighbor insists on calling him, "Wally." God bless her though. She always throws his ball for him so he loves her. And he answers to Wally when she coaxes him too so it's all good.

We are waiting for some new stories to come in. Tomorrow I have a really great-looking dog, Meko, and she has lots of personality too. If you have a story to share email me at

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