Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sleeping Pets Photo Share: Part Four

Awwwww Jasper. He is the picture of contentedness.

In this picture, Indy isn't the one sleeping!

Time to share the last sleeping pet pictures from this Photo Share.  Since we had such a great response we will undoubtedly run this one again sometime in the future, so keep trying to get those pictures. 

But here's Indy all peaceful and innocent.

Next Wednesday I will explain the newest Photo Share, The Great Outdoors, although it obviously doesn't require too much explaining! 

  Thanks for checking out the blog during our Photo Shares and thanks especially to the people who shared with us. 

Look how cute Jesse is!

Leroy, when he was a puppy, sleeping on his dad's foot.

Isn't Dio stunning?  We hope to feature him here on the blog soon.
Stella sleeping in the car seat

 If you haven’t seen the other Photo Share pictures try to make some time to do so.  Yesterday’s post not only has cute photos, but also explains the logic behind the Photo Shares as part of the Rescue Dog Blog. 

Rosco is sure making himself comfortable.

In addition to sharing with us this way, we also encourage you to share your own rescue story and encourage anyone you can to do the same.

Goodnight Chaucer and Molly.

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