Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sleeping Pets Photo Share: Part Three

Mini and Gracie asleep by the fire

Indy is racked out.

Not too long after we started the Rescue Dog Blog Wiley and I decided we wanted a way for everyone to be able to share with us, even if they didn't have a rescue pet. 

 Obviously we have one goal here: convince people to give rescuing a try when they are ready for a new pet. However, I assume everyone reading the blog is an animal lover or they wouldn't be here. 

Ace is taking a rest.

All are welcomed here, and if they have a pet they love so much they want to share it, then why not find a way to let them do so?  That's what our Photo Shares are all about. Any picture of a legal, ethical pet will be shared if it fits the topic, even if it is not a rescue, and our topic lately has been SLEEPING. 

Lilith's mom caught her sleeping, which is really tough to do with a rabbit.


Isis and Ares are spooning.
Winter makes many of us want to hibernate, especially here in the Northeast, so why not celebrate sleepiness and share pictures of our pets from the time they are at their most innocent? 

Logan is asleep on his daddy's boot

 Today and tomorrow we will share the last of our sleeping pet pictures, and then we will begin our next adventure, which we will explain next Wednesday. 

Luke and Leroy during their naptime

Chaucer and Molly are best friends.
As a reminder, the blog is built around your rescue stories too. 

So please, if you've been reading for awhile but you haven't shared your rescue(s), put some pictures together and a little back-story and send it to me

I will write everything up and make you and your pets sound awesome! Don't forgot to check us out on social media:

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