Saturday, December 15, 2012

Meagan's house

Today I’m sharing a house full of rescue love. Meagan has submitted these pictures of her assorted rescue animals.   Not only does her family have three rescue dogs, they also have a rescue bunny! BUT WAIT: THERE’S MORE!  This house also has four more bunnies, one other dog, and a bird.

Sandy is the oldest in the fur-mily at age 14. She came from a shelter in Cherry Point, North Carolina that found her when she was just 4 weeks old. She joined Meagan’s family at 5 ½ weeks.

Choopi the Chihuahua, age 4, needed a new home when his previous owners didn’t want him anymore.  Luckily for Choopi, Meagan’s family was ready and willing.

Ace is the youngest of the canines at 11 months.  Ace, like Choopi, was in need of a new home when his old family couldn’t take care of him anymore. Once again, Meagan’s family stepped in.

And finally, this is Chunk. Poor Chunk was found in the woods with a large chunk of her fur missing.  She wound up with the Helping Hands Animal Center, and Meagan’s family took her home.

This household is a ringing endorsement for saving a rescue pet.   Time and again they opened their doors when these animals had no other place to go. Thank you so much, Meagan, for sharing your home with these animals, and your story with us.


What is your rescue story? Not all rescues comes from shelters. How did your animal find its way into your home and your heart?

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