Friday, December 14, 2012

Pay Attention!

     Wiley has a number of attention-getting tactics, like all naughty children do.  He’ll alternate among excessive affection to demanding barks to stealing anything approximately mouth-sized. 

     Yesterday morning he was particularly obnoxious. While I was upstairs getting dressed he showed up with the remote control from the television downstairs. When I said “Really dog?” he jumped off the bed, grabbed a sock (while still holding the remote) and ran back downstairs.   
     As I came down the stairs I could hear the voiceover for Comcast On Demand, and this is what I saw:

     I informed him that unless he got a job and earned his keep there was no way he was watching Beyonce’s Christmas videos On Demand.  Despite the extensive arrangement of organic, freeze dried, grain free treats this spoiled dog has, baby carrots are the go-to snack when he’s being stubborn.  We traded remote for vegetable; I let him keep the sock.  I thought the showdown was over, but as I put on my coat and grabbed my lunch, I heard the clicking of his toenails on the kitchen floor, and there he was with his contraband cup.  

     All day on Thursday I thought about writing this post (when I wasn't working diligently of course), and when I walked in the door after school he greeted me with an entire jar of unopened (Praise Jesus) peanut butter. 
     Those of you who don't know Wiley are probably thinking that I'm exaggerating this story for comic effect. I promise you, every picture here was taken on Thursday.   It’s a war of attrition and the odds are definitely in his favor. 

What does your dog do to get your attention? Let us know by either sharing your dog or commenting  below.


  1. We keep a small garbage can beside our computer. When overstimulated/excited, Sandy, our golden retriever, will grab items (preferably dirty tissues) from the can and rip them up all over the floor. A charming habit it's not.

    1. What is it with dogs and paper products? Or for that matter dogs and dirty paper products? lol