Thursday, October 31, 2013


****Ok, I have big cool Wiley news at the bottom of this post, but take your time and enjoy the whole page first.

Well? What do you think?  Go ahead. Take a minute to absorb it all. 


The regal stature. 

The powerful demeanor.

 Admit it- you're seeing my pets in a whole new light.  A whole new SUPERCUTE**** light.  Readers. . . I know there are lots of cute sibling pet costume combos out there. 

 How many are both cute and a sophisticated nod to millenia of history and mythology?

 Ok ok I'll calm down and stop tooting my own horn. Seriously though I have been working on this for weeks. I told my students to look for the pictures on the blog in a few days because I was so excited about them, and one young man said I should call Jenny "Catopatra."  I said I was leaning towards "Cleocatra," but thanks, Billy, for the suggestion.

Jenny does NOT take kindly to anything put on her head, so getting the head shots of her were exhausting. I knew getting the two animals together, while in costume, would be impossible. 

 I did manage to bribe Jenny to get closer to Wiley by putting a few pieces of food near him. Turns out she'll  brave quite a bit when food's being offered.

But check out how far away she gets each time, between bribes. When I saw her literally lean as far away from him as possible, as pictured in a few shots below, I could not stop laughing. 

She's also sticking her tongue out in the top left picture. She's probably licking her lips but it's more fun to think she's expressing herself.

You can tell by Wiley's face that she's staring him right into submission. haha

While I was snapping shots, I told Wiley he had to pose like the Sphinx. He said "Like this mom?"

I told him he had to play it a little more cool.


Thanks for stopping by to check on my beautiful Isis and Osiris. And thanks to the Egyptians for being so devoted to domesticated animals, most famously cats but dogs mattered to them too. 

Strange to think how long these creatures have been so closely intertwined with us.  Happy Halloween everyone, and don't forget to get lots of pictures of your pets in costume, or somehow enjoying Halloween. Send them to me at and be sure to scroll down to see my big cool Wiley news!

****Ok, so here's the big news. I have featured Buzzfeed Animals a number of times on this blog. Their posts are always entertaining and the pictures that go with them are sublime. 

Well. . .  WILEY HAS BEEN SELECTED FOR THEIR "CUTE OR NOT" page!!!!!!!!!! This is literally something I have hoped for since I started the blog back in December. Will you please, pretty please, go to this link: and vote for this picture of Wiley?

I'm not too confident that we can beat pictures of adorable baby bunnies and snuggly puppies but I am excited just to see our boy on a page I frequent so regularly.  Thank you so much!


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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Week Day 3

Uh oh. . .  we have an escapee!  Johann is on the loose! If you like what you see here you can follow Johann @johannthedog on Instagram!

Kurtis is in similar colors but it is not quite the same thing. Follow Kurtis on IG @kurtispug. Spoiler: he's reallllyyyy cute.

And while we're on the stripes theme. . . check out Charlie and Ginger's outfits!

We have Luna again!!!! Oh and by the way, I will be sharing Luna's full story on the blog in the future!

Here is Nina and Seger! I featured Nina's rescue story back in June.

Take a look at Coco. She does not seem very thrilled with her new specs, but we are getting a laugh out of them. 

And finally, check out Mylie of @frenchpugluv on Instagram.  Oh my goodness!  

We will keep sharing all week. It's not to late to get your pictures to me at

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Week Day 2

We have more Halloween pictures to share, and front and center is my niece Sadie and my parents' dogs, Cujoe, on the left, and Gracie on the right.  Three busy little bees.

Luna is in her granny wig, but we can still see her youthful visage. . . you're not fooling anyone!

Oh Davey. . . just when I think you couldn't be any cuter you go and prove me wrong.

Here's sweet little Wendy the rescue dog, ready to save the day!

HAHAHAHA Marco! Slow down buddy.

Look at Khaleesi! Isn't she the sweetest little taco!?! I just started following her on Instagram @chuglybetty.

And this picture made me go "EEEEEEEHHHHHHEEEE!"  I cannot even deal with both the cuteness and the cleverness of dressing Lyle and Eli like Bert and Ernie!

So far we have had some great pictures shared! Keep yours coming all this week. Email me at

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Devil or Angel? I can't make up my mind.

It's Halloween week. There aren't many words necessary to kick off this fun time. Likewise I don't think I need to say too much about Wiley's identity crisis here. Sometimes he is Mommy's perfect angel.

Other times he is definitely a little devil.

It seemed no matter what outfit I put him in, I got this look at least a few times.

However, he was most cooperative for the angel pictures.

So I guess he really isn't having an identity crisis at all. Look at his sad face when I make him dress like a devil.

Then look at the intensity with which he takes his job when he's an angel.

Of course, I did catch him lying down on the job in both roles.

Oh who am I kidding? He took the whole thing in stride as long as I kept the carrots coming.

 I guess I'm the one who has a tough time deciding if he's a devil or an angel. When he's stealing food off the counter, he's a devil. When he is snuggled up with me as I nap, he's angelic. In fact I think he's even trying to fly in this picture.

Ok readers. Your turn. Email me your pictures at! I will share all pics submitted right here on the blog.  If you don't want to email you can always share in a number of different ways. Just click on the tab above labeled "Photo Share."

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Feel-Good Friday

Today's Feel-Good Friday is short and sweet. First, I want to remind everyone to get their Halloween pictures to me. 

Second, I want to share this great story about the Kansas City Pet Project. Remember Rosco?  Of course you do.  Well, he and new baby brother Owen have been getting along swimmingly, in case you were wondering.

 Anyway, Rosco and Owen's dad Matt shared this story with me, and it was definitely worth passing along.

 Last weekend this organization, which is a combination of a few city shelters in Kansas City, broke all its adoption records and were able to adopt out every single dog during their Mega Match-a-thon. 228 dogs were placed! 

  That is remarkable!  Especially for a city shelter. Click here to read more about this progressive shelter organization and all their hard work.

Thanks to Matt for sharing, and to Katie for taking so many adorable pictures of Owen and Rosco!

Ok readers. Spend your weekend dressing up your pets and taking pictures. See if your pictures are as cute as the ones I shared yesterday! Email me at

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Help Your Pets Enjoy Halloween

We (Wiley, Jenny, and I) are very excited here at the Rescue Dog Blog as Halloween approaches. Last year at this time the blog was just an idea floating around in my crowded brain, but this year it is a reality, and more successful than I had ever dreamed. The secret to my success is Wiley and my readers. 

You see, we all have gorgeous and adorable pets, and people love looking at pictures of them. And let's be honest. . . is there a better time of year for ridiculously cute photos than Halloween? The answer is no. If you disagree with me the answer is still no. 

Before we go into any further discussion, I must share this really important infographic from The Uncommon Dog. Clicking on their name will take you to the home page of their website, which is filled with high-quality products for our precious pets. No, I don't get anything from them for sharing their site with you. However, I love that they cater to our dogs' specific needs, like making special beds, and stairs for our pets who need a little extra help before they hog our beds all night. 

Anyway, The Uncommon Dog has put these tips together all in one place to help us keep our pets safe, healthy, and happy at Halloween.

If the print isn't big enough here for you to read it, click here to go to the image directly, where you will be able to magnify it.

I especially like tips 6, 7, and 8, which address the kinds of stress Halloween trick-or-treaters and Halloween costumes can cause our pets. I may dress Wiley up for a 5 minute photo shoot, but he just isn't ready to venture out into a parade in a costume. 

He would have a meltdown about every part of it.  I also find out when kids will be trick-or-treating and avoid walking him during that time. He would be terrified of kids in costumes, and a terrified dog is an unpredictable dog.

Wiley's Halloween antics are limited to here in the house, with a never-ending supply of carrots. They make him highly cooperative. 

Jenny, on the other hand, was none too pleased to be sucked into my Halloween shenanigans.

 It was easy to put the Bee Costume on her, but as you can see from the look on her face, she would have stung me if she could. 

Getting the costume off of her?  Well.   That took some time. And some Neosporin for my scratches. 

 I deserved them, of course. 

If I had to do it all over again I would.

 Seriously.  Look at her expression. In the pictures below, the only difference between the two is the position of her tail because she was twitching it so hard.  She is one angry bee.

Wiley, on the other paw, is just my sweet little cooperative boy. Even though I have him dressed like a Super Hero Drag Queen, he still gives me some good quality pictures. 

Ok, from time to time he looks a bit sad.

Then I think of all the nights he wakes me up trying to spoon closer to me, literally kicking me in the ribs, and I think "Oh he can wear this stupid costume for a few more pictures." 

So, there's a little preview of Wiley's Halloween look. Guess what? He has not one, but two other costumes to show you, and I'm working on a third. In the meantime, I bet many of you have great Halloween pictures to share with our readers. Remember, we want your pets. Cats are welcomed too! Our job is to show the world that rescue pets are every bit as precious, special, and adorable as the alternatives. Email me at!

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