Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fingers Crossed

UPDATE: Jenny seems to be doing okay after her surgery. I just gave her a syringe full of pain meds, and she was very interested in eating (she is always very interested in eating).  I just gave her a little handful of food as per the doctor's instructions. Thank you for all the well-wishes.  Oh yeah, and let's not talk about my root canal. Here's a little snapshot of what was going on in my mouth today.

And now back to the earlier post. . .

Today's post is just a fingers crossed kind of deal. I have to take Jenny in to be spayed, so of course I'm feeling nervous and guilty. I am 100% behind spaying and neutering of ALL dogs and cats but I still just can't wait for it to be over and for her to be on the mend. Then I can introduce her to you properly with her own special post.

However, after I drop her off at the vet's I then have to go have a root canal. Yeahhhhhhh. Not too excited about that. However I've had a terrible toothache off and on for the past two weeks so it's got to be done.
If you would, say a prayer and send your happy thoughts in Jenny's direction, and then mine if you have any left to spare.  In exchange, I will share these adorable pictures of Wiley.  He has been a stage five clinger these days, and here he is forcing himself on my lap despite being far too big to fit comfortably.

I guess comfortable is a relative term though, because he spent awhile there so soundly asleep he was snoring.

I also wanted to share this picture. It's from last year but I've never shared it here on the blog. I swear to you I did nothing to facilitate this. He found this card somewhere; I have no idea when I dropped it. He just casually showed up in the kitchen with this in his mouth. Come on. . . how adorable is this?

Anyway, hopefully if all goes well I'll have a new post up for Wednesday. I can't promise anything with a root canal; if you've ever had one you know what I mean. 

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