Thursday, October 10, 2013

Feel-Good Friday: Two Wileys?

Wiley is the 2nd red-tri Aussie Hubs and I have had.  I obviously have a soft spot for these creatures. Both of our dogs have been rescues, and awhile ago I shared another red-tri rescue named Masen who definitely looks like Wiley's brother from another mother.  

Masen's mother still updates her Instagram account from time to time, with pics like this one of Masen right after a haircut! 

 If you've never read the Masen story you need to head here and check it out. It's a really cute write-up if I do say so myself.

Thanks to the wonder that is Instagram, it appears I have found Wiley's sister from another mister. This is Bear.


Wiley, Bear

Guys-this is serious!  I showed my husband a picture of Bear very casually without commentary and he said "That's cute. Did you take that today?"

I said, "That's not Wiley!"

I don't know much about Bear. 

Her mom, Melissa, did tell me she's not a rescue.

I'm not sure what part of the country she's from or her age.

All I know is the resemblance between her and Wiley is uncanny.

I originally wanted to post this on a Thursday, but the Blogger site was down during the small window of time I had to work on it.

I thought to myself, is this worthy of Feel-Good Friday?

Then I decided this is Wiley's blog, and if it makes me feel good to think about other Wileys out there running around then heck-it's a Feel-Good Friday story.

To conclude:

Wiley, Bear

Bear, Wiley

Wiley, Bear

Wiley, Bear

Soooooo. Yeah. Admit it-they are twins. And yet people still argue with me when I tell them Wiley's a Red-Tri Australian Shepherd. Sheesh. I mean, it wouldn't matter to me if he were part Lava Lizard except for the fact that herding dogs require a certain approach, so it's important to recognize them.

Ok. So off you go to enjoy your weekend (or, if you're reading this and it's not Friday, then off you go to enjoy whatever it is worth enjoying). Make sure you send your rescue pics to us, and don't forget about our Halloween and Dynamic Duos Photo Share. Email me at

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