Tuesday, March 12, 2013


 Just look at Wiley's sweet little puppy face. . . isn't he just the cutest?^^  To this day I cannot resist this dog.   


Wait a minute.

That's not Wiley!  That's Masen!  Masen is Wiley's brother from another mother.  "Is she serious?"  you might be asking yourself. NO.  I'm being facetious.  Masen is from Indiana; Wiley is in Pennsylvania.  They found each other through the great World Wide Web via Instagram.  Still, you must admit, the resemblance is uncanny!

Compare the above picture of Wiley, when he was still at the shelter, to the picture of Masen above that. Now Wiley's hair was cut short in this picture, but still. . . the color, right down to the little patch of white on the chest. . . the hypnotic eyes. . .well, I don't need to tell you. You can check it out for yourself.


Masen is a rescue dog too. And just like Wiley did with us, he came into Megan's life at a time when she really needed him.  In December of 2010 she found herself, at age 24, on her own and feeling like something was missing. She decided a pet might be helpful, and searched Petfinder to find a litter of Australian Shepherd puppies at the Parke-Vermillion Humane Society  (Editor's note: Don't use wanting a puppy as an excuse not to rescue -- puppies can be found!).


Masen as a T-Bird and Masen checking himself out in the mirror. 

Megan and a friend went to the shelter and she fell in love with Masen right away.  She named him Masen because she is a Twilight fan and that is Edward's original last name in the series.  The first year with Masen was tough, as he was a bit stubborn, but he and Megan navigated their way through the world together. 

Megan says Masen likes to claim his spot on the couch.

 So does Wiley!

PEOPLE!  They are even in the same position, paw draped casually around their human.

Masen loves his rope bone to play tug, and like Wiley, he loves fetch. He also likes to find trouble sometimes. He has help from Paul, a cat. He likes to carry Paul down the steps tucked under his chin!  Paul also "accidentally" knocks things off the counter Masen might enjoy, like Goldfish crackers and popcorn and green veggies.  

Masen and Paul, with Masen working his innocent puppy look. "Who, me?"

Wiley's version of "Who, me?"

It seems like poor Megan is outnumbered.  Oh, no she isn't! The "friend" who went with her to the shelter to check out Masen will officially become Masen's dad this month!!!! I CANNOT STAND THE CUTENESS OF THIS STORY!  If you aren't smiling go stand in the corner. You're bad.  

And speaking of bad, did you submit your sleeping pet photo yet?  No?  Why not?  What are you waiting for?  Remember all kinds of pets are eligible.  

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