Friday, March 29, 2013

Feel-Good Friday: Bichon Bunnies

Cujoe Cottontail

It's Feel-Good Friday. On Fridays we like to share uplifting posts and/or real-life stories beyond our usual rescue pieces.  For Christians, it's also Good Friday.  I contemplated making a pun with Feel Good Friday, but I was afraid people might be offended given the solemn nature of this day in the Christian tradition.  Anywaaayyyyyyyy, the Rescue Dog Blog operates best in the world of light-hearted journalism, so I'm sharing these pictures of Cujoe and Gracie in bunny ears!

Br'er Gracie

Cujoe and Gracie are my parents' rescue dogs. Cujoe is a Bichon Frise and Gracie is a Havachon. Gracie, pictured directly above, was not particularly cooperative. Below, she is more interested in kissing Olivia.

Cujoe was compliant but very unamused when I first put them on.

Once I pulled him away from his comfy spot on the chair next to my dad and thrust him into the spotlight he seemed more resigned to the process. 

Gracie complied for one more decent picture before the ears were pawed off.

Cujoe gave us one more too.

After that I just didn't have the heart to torment them anymore. My parents dress them in costumes for every holiday. They have seasonal sweaters with turkeys and bunnies and who knows what else? But the ears. . . well that was just more than they signed on for, so I wrapped up the photo shoot. I did, however, still have one very willing model:

Enjoy the upcoming weekend but don't forget about your homework for the Great Outdoors Photo Share

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