Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday's Gratitude: The Comics!

I had a specific Sunday routine growing up. Sunday School and church, then home to watch The Three Stooges and read the Sunday comics until it was time to set the table for the dinner Mom was making. 

 Over the years my tastes changed, so the absolutely hilarity I saw in Garfield and Odie when I was 8 years old has given way to the dry humor of Gary Larson in The Far Side

Now Marmaduke. . . he's always funny. I picked this cartoon because it reminded me of Wiley.

Inspired by a literary-themed week, I thought I'd dedicate today to some very light reading, doggie comic strips. 

Mother Goose and Grimm is always good for some doggy laughs.

And here are some dog comics that tie into the literary theme week and also get a lot of laughs from this English teacher.

HAHAHAHA I love that one ^^^.  Anyway, this week has a lot in store. One thing we really need are your pictures of sleeping pets for our photo share. There is still time to get them in. I'll start running the pictures on Wednesday, March 6.  Any pets are eligible, even if they are not dogs and not rescues. 

Speaking of rescues, that's our purpose here at the Rescue Dog Blog.  We want people to know how awesome rescue pets are, and to do that we need your rescue success stories. We even have a pair of rescued cats lined up for this week. Why? Why not? Anytime we can share the happiness a rescued pet brings to its family we can hope it influences someone to adopt.

Oh yeah, not only are we on Facebook, and Instagram, but we just joined Twitter @RescueDogBlog.  Follow us please. 

Finally, I'm sharing this picture to conclude Literary Characters' Week. It's Wiley, dressed as Sherlock, quoting Shakespeare. So he has his allusions a little mixed up?  He doesn't really know how to read you know.

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