Saturday, March 9, 2013

What did you miss? 3/3-3/8

The Rescue Dog Blog had a lot of solid content this week. Davey's story attracted new readers who wanted to hear about this wonder-dog who captures people's hearts from Kansas to Canada. On Tuesday, we met Jesse and Dora, two cats from the Jerusalem SPCA who found a loving home with Carrie and her family in Palestine.  

Wednesday and Thurday were devoted to sleeping. We shared our first round of pictures submitted by readers of their adorable sleeping pets, and there are plenty more where those came from. I also passed along some of the super funny pictures and videos I've enjoyed during my many hours of scrolling through animal-related content on the great World Wide Web.

Finally, I made Feel-Good Friday into my own personal pep talk.  I shared some dogs who were oblivious to the bad hand they were dealt in life. They found a way to enjoy life to its fullest no matter the situation. That's why I have selected this video to go along with our weekly round-up.

 I'm thinking Spring despite being in Meteorological Winter here in Pennsylvania. I hate to wish the next few weeks of my life away, so in an effort to enjoy the moment no matter what it is, I share these dogs as inspiration. They are having an absolute blast. Click on the picture to watch their video.

 You have a few more days to get your sleeping pets pictures in for the photo share! Don't forget to share your  rescue stories and follow us on Twitter (@RescueDogBlog) and Instagram (@rescuedogblog) if applicable.

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