Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Great Outdoors: Photo Share Time

Furball in action.
I wouldn’t consider myself an outdoorsy kind of person. I don’t like bugs, I don’t like being dirty, and I burn very quickly and very badly in the sun. In the winter I just hate everything. EVERY.SINGLE.THING.  Every flake of snow that falls makes me angrier and more frustrated than the previous one. Nevertheless, I still find myself braving the elements for Wiley’s sake so he can enjoy his absolute and unequivocal favorite pastime, fetch.

Every time I walk to the back door, and I mean every time, even if I’m just going to throw something in the recycling bin, Wiley’s ears perk up in the hopes that we will be going out to play with the ball. He very first move when he goes out the door is to find his ball. He pees with the ball in his mouth.  So it’s no surprise that anytime I hang laundry out, he thinks I should be throwing the ball. If I take too long to participate of my own volition, he drops the ball in the basket to get my attention.

On this particular day, I ignored the ball until I was finished. Then I turned the basket on its side to see what he would do.  It threw him for a total loop.  He spent at least two minutes trying to determine his next move, which is obviously when I snapped these pictures. I shouldn’t have laughed so hard but his puzzled face was too funny.


 Eventually he figured it out, and it was back to business as usual.

What are some of the things your pet enjoys outdoors?  I would like to share their outdoors pictures here on the blog! Do you have pictures of them playing in the snow or the creek?  Are they running a course or hiking with you?  When we do a Photo Share we will run pictures of any pet, even if it’s not a rescue. Any species, as long as it is legal and ethical, is welcomed. So your pet rats are eligible, if for some reason you have them outside. Of course if you’re taking pictures of rats outside you might want to reconsider your whereabouts.

Love the timing on this picture. It was a total coincidence. I can't really take credit.

I will start sharing your pictures next Wednesday, and continue to share them each week if the supply demands it. Click here to see a Photo Share for sleeping pets, and here to see one for naughty pets.  All you need is a picture of your pet and its name, which makes it easy to be a part of the blog even if you feel pressed for time.  Just click the link to see the various methods to share, or email me at Of course, if you find yourself with a few spare moments and haven’t shared your rescue story yet, we’d love to have it.

Spring is trying to get here. Get outside and get some pictures. Dig through your old pictures and find some good shots of snow pups. And if you’re somewhere with nice weather all the time, then you have no excuse! 

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