Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jesse and Dora

 Jesse and Dora were in the Jerusalem SPCA in Jerusalem, Israel, when Santa Claus offered to save them for Carrie and her family around Christmas of 2004.  Carrie wanted to get two cats, but her husband Scot would only agree to it if he had a say in the choice, since he did not consider himself a "cat person."

In the shelter, the cats were in cages that were overflowing, and they were allowed to come and go. Some just wandered off in fact.  When Scot first stepped into the cage, a kitten wrapped itself around his neck and purred and purred. Decision made!  

Jesse had a weepy eye and cataracts, even as a kitten. Not only would his physical defects have worked against him in the adoption process, but he was also mostly black. The woman at the shelter told Carrie no one would have adopted him because black cats are perceived as very unlucky in their culture, more so than ours even. So she thanked Carrie and Scot for saving his life.

A two-headed cat is snuggling with Thomas.
 Dora and Jesse are very good with the children in the household: Thomas, Maggie, Scoty, and Georgia.  Actually there's a new baby too but the cats haven't met her yet.

"Hi guys! Need any help?"

 Jesse is the more affectionate of the two, but both of them sit pretty close in the wintertime when the heat isn't nearly efficient enough. 

Dora climbs the ladder of Maggie's bunkbed to wake her for school. She also is very particular about her television preferences. 

"Turn off the Puppy Bowl!"

Both endure being dressed up by Georgia, and Jesse sleeps with Georgia at night too so there are no hard feelings there. 

 They have plenty of big and little hands to give them attention, and they even have a balcony for bird watching! 

 Although, one time Jesse got way braver than he should have and leapt off the balcony onto the neighbor's below, via a clothesline!  GAH! It sounds like the plot of a Sylvester and Tweety cartoon. Luckily Jesse was unhurt, and he never tried that again.

The window is a nice safe place for a stare-down.
 These two cats have purred their way into Carrie's and Scot's home. They've made Carrie a bigger "cat person" than she ever expected to be, and Scot may never admit it, but he has a soft spot for them too. Wiley and I are so excited to share an international tale of his arch enemies: cats!  He feels very cosmopolitan and open-minded right now.

Wiley asked me to share one more thing.  In one of my December posts, I had asked you to keep a new-born baby, Charlotte Josephine, in your prayers because she needed open-heart surgery.  Well Carrie and Scot are Charlie Jo's parents, and I'm pleased to use this post to give you an update. That's her, looking silly up there.^^  Below is her two-month picture, and you can see she is happy and thriving! 

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