Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday's Gratitude: Being a Caretaker

Today’s post is short. Yesterday was the opening day of PSAC (conference) games for the Kutztown University Golden Bears baseball, of which Hubs is an assistant coach. I had hoped to do a super-fun post about baseball, maybe doll Wiley up in some KU gear, etc.  Unfortunately my husband has been battling a sinus infection for two weeks, and he was just too sick to go. He was trying to talk me into it, but I was a tyrant and put my foot down.  In ten years I have never seen him miss a conference game, and we were all disappointed. Good news though: they won both games!


Anyway, I decided to try to take Wiley for a bath on my own since we had to cancel our game plans. It’s definitely not a one-person job, and I have no pictures this time because believe me I had my hands full. As a reward for Wiley, since he shook from head to toe as soon as we pulled into the pet store parking lot, I got him another squeaky tennis ball. That is definitely not my favorite toy for him but he really loves them. Look how eagerly he’s awaiting it ---->:

 His hair is quite funky when it’s not completely dry but I just couldn’t force him to endure the blow dryer anymore. It’s his least favorite part, and that’s saying something.  


He was a good boy the rest of the time in the store but as always, he’s happiest when he gets home.  Check him out in the picture below, sleeping on my legs on Friday night. Yes, they were completely numb.

Today I'm worn out from my nurse duties and my solo bath experience. However, I'm not too tired to remind you to take some time to get your rescue story to me if you haven’t yet.  Wiley and I really look forward to reading and sharing them!

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  1. We have to take our dogs to the "self dog wash" since no one can handle them :-/ The last time we took Dio to the groomer we picked up a wet dog from a soak groomer. They said he grabbed the hose from her and started shaking it around and sprayed EVERYONE. He also grabbed the muzzle from her and wouldn't give it back. I think Dio thought it was a game, but he was the only one who had fun. lol Wiley looks like probably dries pretty quickly! He's so handsome!

  2. Oh my! I can almost picture this whole scenario and I cannot stop laughing. Wiley dries before the day is through. Much more quickly than our previous Aussie, who had an undercoat much like Mika and Dio.