Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Leroy and Lilly

LEROY          MEETS         LILLY

starring. . . 


Leroy the Chinese Sharpei 


Lilly the Rescued Pit Bull

LEROY: Hey-nice to meet you, I think. Just checking to see if we've met before.

LILLY:  Uh, how long does the meet and greet last?  Because I feel like you are getting very familiar with me.

LEROY: Nah, trust me. I'm the older one. This is how all dogs greet each other.

LILLY:  Oh, ok. So is it ok if I do this?

LILLY: Or do I do it like this?

LEROY:  Whoa-whoa. . . hold on a minute. . . you're doing it wrong.

LILLY: How about if I just jump OVER you? 

LEROY: Ok, that's it. I'm done with you. Kids these days. . . sheesh.

LILLY: Heyyyyyy. That hurts my feelings. I came a long way just to see you. Come on!  I'll try harder this time.

LEROY: Ok, well this is how we greet this lady when she visits. If we're good she sometimes gives us treats!

LILLY: Oh goodie! I like treats. I also like being scratched. 

LEROY: Yeah, me too! Sometimes she gets right in between my wrinkles. It feels really good and I snort a lot.

LEROY:  Now we rest. We just lie down and relax and sleep for a few hours.

LILLY:  Uh. . . sure. Ok. I mean . . . I guess. I'll lie down but I'm really not tired.

LEROY: You mean you don't need a rest? What else would we do besides nap?

LILLY:  What about this? This is super fun!

LEROY: You're killing me Smalls!


If you weren't reading the blog when we featured Lilly here and here, you need to go back and get to know her. She is really precious. We featured Leroy too, so you can do a background check on him right here.


Many thanks to Leroy's dad Luke for taking so many great pictures, to Lilly's parents Mark and Janelle, for bringing her for a visit, and to all of them for inviting me to meet this sweet puppy. She is an absolute lovebug. 

We need you to share your rescue stories with us!   Tomorrow we have lots of sleeping pets pictures lined up too, so make sure you check in.

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