Thursday, February 14, 2013

Puppy Love

Happy Valentine's Day!  I thought I'd leave most of the schmoopie stuff to Hallmark, and stick with what we know best here: Puppy Love!  Since we started the blog in December we have featured two different puppies, Isis and Lilly. Although I followed up on Isis around New Years Day,  I thought it would be fun to catch up with both of them now.

Isis is still navigating her way in a house full of happy pets. It looks like she's fitting in pretty well. Here she is napping on the bed with one of her feline friends.

Her mom Suzy says she has to take most of the pictures while she's almost asleep because she doesn't sit still long enough when she's awake.

Her sister Olivia managed to get a picture but it's a bit blurry. 

Isn't she precious?  Look at those ears! Happy Valentine's Day Isis!

 Lilly came to live with Mark and Janelle on Christmas. She was so little the last time we saw her, but look out because she is up to 22 pounds now!  Here she is, living the dream.


She is fully house-trained and crate-trained! Good for you Lilly. On her last trip to the vet's, the doctor realized she was a bit older than they originally thought, so she will be getting spayed soon, because Mark and Janelle are responsible pet owners.  

She is still super-friendly and loves everyone and everything. Gee we couldn't tell could we?

Another exciting accomplishment. . . she can sit and give a handshake, which she does as often as possible. Mark suspects it is due to equal parts showing off/treat acquisition.  I'm sure she's irresistible whether she's doing tricks or not. 

Thanks so much to Suzy and Mark for sharing these updates. Isn't it nice to see how far along our rescue pups have come?  

Now since this is, technically-speaking, Wiley's blog and I am just the ghost-writer, I had to get some clearances for the next two pictures. Wiley has given me his blessing many times over in the form of tail wags.

First of all, Happy 43rd Anniversary to my mom and dad. Thank you for all the love you fostered in our family, including and especially the love of helping those who need it most.

Next, Happy 7th Birthday to my sweet niece Olivia. Seven years ago today my brother one-upped me by giving my parents the best anniversary gift ever, their first grandchild. He always does that stuff to me.

 And Happy Valentine's Day to the boys in my life, my loves, my Funny Valentine and my Fuzzy Valentine!  Guess which one is which?

Give your pet a hug and a kiss. Spoil them rotten and send me pictures.  Happy Valentine's Day!

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