Monday, February 18, 2013

Party Crasher

Today I was all set to run the second part of Fonzie's story, but that will be on the agenda for tomorrow. I decided instead to share the problems Wiley caused for me yesterday.

A few weeks ago I received an invitation to my niece's 7th birthday party. It has been at the same place for the past few years, and I thought it was always on a Saturday at 2. Well, Wiley got ahold of the invitation when it fell off the fridge. In the above picture he kindly brought it to me. Unfortunately I put it someplace he could still get it (the counter), and he destroyed it, along with the envelope it came in.

This is one piece of the invitation.

Above, he's making sure I notice he's chewing the envelope.

And here's the look he gave me when I asked who made this mess.

Consequently, I thought I knew when the party was, until I talked to my niece on her birthday and she said she would see me at the party on Sunday.

"Sunday?" I asked. "Are you sure?"  I felt certain the kindergartener had it wrong, but she explained that she had a basketball game on Saturday.

On Saturday I talked to my mom who told me the party was at 2 on Sunday.  Sunday morning came and I lollygagged around, updating the blog, searching the web, etc. My parents called at 11:50 to tell me the party started at 1 o'clock.  45 minutes away.  And I hadn't showered.

So I rushed around like a nut, ran out the door all proud of myself for remembering both my niece's gift and my parents' anniversary gift. Imagine my surprise while going through the Dunkin Doughnuts drive-thru when I had no money to pay for my latte because I forget my purse.

I hate the feeling of not having my license and money, and I especially hate having to pay for a latte in quarters and any other change I could find. 

Why all the rushing? Why all the confusion? WILEY. Yes, that's right. The dog ate my invitation. Look at him! He doesn't even seem sorry.

Oh well. The party went well. My niece and her friends had a lovely time, and I thought I'd share this picture of how happy she is to have received a dog shirt as a gift!  Puppy love definitely runs in the family.

Thanks for indulging me in venting about Wiley's naughtiness. Tomorrow is a story about Snickers, Fonzie's brother, and then on Wednesday I will share some of our spoiled pets with you. I still need some though so please contribute! 

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