Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Last week I told you about a sweet Beagle, Fonzie.  He came to Alicia's house from the Hillside SPCA, and was a very introverted and scared guy. Alicia and her sister Cera thought he had a naturally shy temperament, since for the first two years they had him he didn't even bark. Then he met Snickers.

In 2011, a friend of a friend had a litter of Chihuahua pups that were destined for a shelter as soon as they were weened. Alicia's mom had always wanted a Chihuahua, so Snickers came to live with them.

Cera did as much research as she could (like a responsible dog owner should) to figure out the best way to train this tiny little bundle of energy. What she didn't figure on was needing to train Fonzie too. You see, with the added presence of Snickers, Fonzie learned naughtiness.

 Now the family comes home to chewed phone books and remotes, and he even learned how to open the DVD player, after which he ate the DVD tray.  They've childproofed their house, but they didn't count on Fonzie learning to knock things off the table with his tail and eat them right in front of everyone.

Fonzie and Snickers beg for food together (Snickers can jump a little higher so he tends to be better at it), sleep together in Cera's bed, and obviously find all kinds of destruction to cause.

Isn't it ironic how every picture Alicia shared features Snickers looking so innocent and angelic? We all know that's the domesticated dog's defense mechanism. Their puppy dog eyes and sweet slumber poses make us suckers, and we tolerate all kinds of behavior we wouldn't stand for if we had pet trout or something.

Obviously Snickers and Fonzie are very well cared-for and enjoying their happy home. It's remarkable how Fonzie's personality changed when they got him a puppy, but so heart-warming to see these dogs living their life to the fullest. Alicia's family knows what kind of happiness rescue dogs bring into the home, and we appreciate her saving some dogs and sharing her story.

Do you have a story to share?  Please do so!

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