Saturday, February 2, 2013

What did you miss? 1/27-2/1

 Animals Behaving Badly!  This was the second photo share we've done here on the blog. Inspired by Wiley's bad behavior, we asked our readers to share their pictures of naughty pets. We took any type of pet, rescue or otherwise, cat or dog. We had a nice response, enough to share two days worth of pictures, here and here

Now, for the ultimate in naughty pets and guilty looks, watch this hilariously cute video of Berlin, a German Shepherd Dog who is hoping to get out of trouble.

Click on the picture to watch the video.

We also had two readers share their rescue pet stories with us.   Thanks to Francine for sharing Eddie, and Jane (and Kim) for sharing Cali.  To start the week we had a story about Wile E Dog on Sunday, and we ended the week with another Feel-Good Friday story, this time about Calamity Jane.

Now. . . here is your homework:  Spoiled and Pampered Pets. You've got 'em, we want pictures!  What do you do to indulge your furkids?  Do you throw them birthday parties? Buy them toys you know they'll destroy? Paint their nails? Let them sleep on your pillow?  We will collect pictures for the next two weeks or so.  Here's Wiley, cramming himself between the hubs and me in bed. Spoiled rotten.

Make sure you check in tomorrow for our Puppy Bowl post!  There will be enough cuteness to get you through the whole week!  As always, please share your rescue story with us as well.

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