Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fingers Crossed

 Today is the day Wiley goes in to have his lump removed, as I told you about here and here. He had to get bloodwork done on Friday and he shook all over the moment we pulled into the parking lot. I felt so bad, so I took him to the pet store and bought him some goodies. He got a stud cookie, and LOOK at him eyeballing it!

He seemed to enjoy it. 

The next day I gave him his other cookie, and he sat up as soon as he saw it.

Awww. He is a good boy, isn't he?

It took all his control to wait for me to snap the picture above.

And this cookie produced the same result as the other one.


 And with these eyes he will get another. He will get many more when he is home and healthy and happy, which God willing, will be today! So say a prayer and spare a thought and we'll be back to blogging in no time!

We have been getting some good rescue stories lately, but we always need more. I am going to run the first Spoiled Pet photo share next week so you still have time to get your pictures to me. I also have a very special Valentine's post planned!

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