Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday's Gratitude: Little and Big Blessings

 The Northeast was really hit hard by the winter storm Nemo this weekend. The forecast was rather vague for our part of Pennsylvania, with various predictions coming in at anywhere from 2 to 8 inches. I don't like any snow; Wiley absolutely loves it.  My biggest issue with this snow is that my hubby is away for the weekend and all the shoveling would be my responsibility. Although our driveway is small, the herniated disc in my neck makes it feel pretty huge. 

However, I have much to be thankful for this weekend. The storm came to us in a variety of precipitation. Enough rain mixed with the snow to keep the total accumulation small around here. Although it did freeze, making it quite laborious to shovel, it could have been so much worse.  Not only that, but some anonymously kind person plowed half my driveway! Woohoooo!

So Wiley got to have some fun and we were blessed many times over to be spared such awfulness. My thoughts and prayers are with all those people who are suffering through this blizzard. I've been through enough to know the frustration and worry. Hubs and I were in Maine a few summers ago. Portland remains one of my favorite cities I've ever been to, and I can't imagine it under 31" of snow.
Looks like the lobster roll will be on hold for awhile.**

Speaking of blessings,  I am greedily asking for a few more.  Wiley goes in on Tuesday to have his lump removed. I know this is routine, I know dogs have this done all the time, I've been through this with other dogs. Still, with Wiley's fear of, well. . .  everything, I'm pretty concerned about all of it. So Wiley and I would appreciate you sending all your positive thoughts and prayers our way. 

In the meantime, enjoy watching Wiley making games for himself in the snow. He discovered there was enough snow in the flowerpot to hide his ball.

 He just kept hiding it over and over.


I have to attend a conference over the next few days. I've already written Monday's post and it is set to upload. I'm not sure I'll post much of anything Tuesday. Don't forget to send in some good rescue stories and pictures of spoiled animals.  They make my life very easy when it comes to posting.  Thank you so much!

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**I hope no one takes that comment insensitively. I know Maine and other hard hit areas have more problems to worry about right now than lobster roll. It was just my way of recognizing how much we loved Maine.



  1. Good luck on Tuesday, Wiley. We'll be sending lots of good thoughts your way!