Wednesday, February 13, 2013

So Many Rescues!

Since I spent most of the night Tuesday cuddling with Wiley after the surgery to have his lump removed, I wasn't even going to post today other than to update his health. However, it occurred to me that today is a good day to start sharing some of the rescues we've met via Instagram.  First, though, is the good news that things went well for Wiley. The poor guy has lots of sutures and a very big scar, but let's hope that's the end of it. He was super sleepy and a little sick to his stomach, which was strange to experience since he is the most energetic dog I've ever been around. Here he is, trying and failing to express interest while I took his picture. You can see his scar on the right.

It's tough to look at him without his usual happy expressions on his face. :(  Nonetheless, I certainly am grateful for having the support we did and the resources to have it taken care of.

Now, on to happy pictures! 

These were all shared via Instagram. In some cases I know more details than others, so all I can do is pass along what I know. 


This is Stewie, and the pictures are before and after. The top picture is before he was rescued, and the bottom is after. Can't you see a change in his eyes?
I don't know much about these pups, except they all look really content!

This little guy is on his way to his furever home. 

The next four dogs share the same home, and they are so beautiful and blessed.

The above picture is Whiskey. He can hardly believe his good fortune! Some fool left him on the cold streets, and now he has a warm house and a crate he loves.

Next we have Bullet. Bullet is snuggling up to Dad, and you can see the love.

Brace yourself before you look into Bandit's eyes; they are mesmerizing.

Chloe's household is rounded out with Copper. This picture is from the day he first came home. Unfortunately he got parvo right after this, due to a lack of vaccinations from  the shelter.  Don't worry though, he made it through. The vet bill was really costly. Don't let that deter you from saving a rescue. . .  just make sure the rescue organization is really clear about communicating what shots your pet has had and what they still need.


And finally, this is Marzipan, enjoying her Christmas tree right before it was time to take it down.

Thanks again to everyone who shared a picture (and there are more to come) and for the concern expressed over Wiley's health.  Make sure you check out the way I spoiled him before his surgery, and don't forget to show me how you spoil your pets too!

Tomorrow we have a very special Valentine's Day post. We are going to catch up with the two puppies we've featured here. If you don't remember or didn't meet Isis and Lilly, your homework is to read up on them before tomorrow!

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