Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday's Gratitude: Wiley's Health

Wiley really wants me to throw his ball but he isn't allowed to run.

As I shared with you a few times before, right around the beginning of January we found a rather large lump on Wiley's leg. This week he had surgery to have it removed and fully biopsied. The surgery went well, for which we are very grateful, but the whole experience was rather stressful for Wiley (and his mom and dad!), and his tummy and digestive system in general paid the price for a few days. A diet of boiled chicken and rice seemed to take care of his issues in the digestive department.  Plus he loved the smell of it while it cooked. Here is my little Pavlovian pretty.

Another big issue is that the doctor said to make sure he avoided just about all kinds of physical activity. No walks, no jumping, no stairs, no running. Ummmm.  Wiley almost literally never stops moving. Sigh.

On Friday, as Wiley was getting all of his lively personality back, the doctor called and said the lump was a spindle cell tumor. He explained it as a type of cancer that has a tendency to recur, especially in the same place, but doesn't usually spread internally.  Can we count on your thoughts and prayers that Wiley never has to deal with any lumps again and can live a long happy crazy life?

Now we just are waiting to get the stitches out so he can get back to his daily walks, which he loves. The incision doesn't seem to be bothering him in the slightest.  Let's hope that continues and we won't have to put the cone on him.

"My appetite is back. I helped myself to the carrots in your lunchbox."

Tomorrow I will have the second part of Fonzie's story, when Snickers entered the picture. Tuesday will be another rescue story, and Wednesday is SPOILED PETS. So get your pictures in please!  I always need rescue stories too so don't hesitate to share. The instructions on how to share your story are at the top of the blog page under "Share Your Story." That's also where you can find out how to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, if you haven't already.

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