Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sherlock Wiley

 Wiley has officially declared himself a crime investigator.  Now just so you know I've been telling him to get a job ever since he destroyed his first roll of toilet paper, so if he can make some money this way that would be great. I asked him if his inspiration was Scooby Doo, and he got really mad at me. 

 He showed me exactly what he thought of Scooby. 

 He said Scooby doesn't take the job seriously enough.  This is Wiley's take at looking very pensive and serious.

 I really wondered what made him think he could be the next Sherlock Holmes. It turns out he got ahold of a story that was making the rounds on the internet all week. Peach, a canine police dog in England, was listed on official police documents as being at the scene of a crime. 

The prosecution then sent a request for "PC Peach"to fill out a witness statement, not realizing Peach is a dog.  The officers had some fun with this, deciding to fill out the report on Peach's behalf. Check it out:

Well when I read this I could not stop laughing. I saw it for the good-natured joke it was, although I'm not sure the prosecution feels the same way. You can read the full story in the Daily Mail here.

Wiley, however, was affronted at the implication that a dog's witness statement would be so simple and silly. He is determined to be viewed with more respect, and I suppose that's why he's going for Sherlock Holmes instead of Scooby Doo. He approached his first case with caution.


He took some notes and consulted his assistant. 

And then he got kind of tired and decided to rest.

Then he regrouped. He said "Watson-I have an idea. Get me my detective clothes!" 

Once he was suited up, he was ready to solve crime and look damn good doing it.

And so folks, there it is. Wiley has become a part of Literary Characters' Week on the blog, joining Huck and Stanley.  He is now going to be an investigator, and he will happily serve you in whatever capacity he can, although his specialties are locating tennis balls, carrots, and especially toilet paper. He will find that toilet paper no matter where it's hidden.  


 Too bad he wasn't available a few weeks ago to figure out who did this.  However, what he's really looking for is . . . your rescue stories. HA! How do you like that segue?  Get me your personal rescue stories, and don't forget to contribute to our next photo share, which will be posted next week. The theme is sleeping pets. Any kind of pet is welcome, even if it's not rescue. Sometimes we just really need to look at cute pictures of animals, period. Case closed.

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